Why do small churches also buy LED walls to improve their ceremonies?

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Have you ever thought that the ceremonies in your small congregation could be significantly improved? Have you imagined that perhaps it can become a reality by placing LED screens to accompany your ceremonies and events?

You can start by learning about some of the advantages that this technology offers you:

  • Improve their ceremonies: Small churches need to make themselves known to the community and offer better experiences during services.
  • Increase the quality of communications: LED screens for sanctuaries have an image quality, visualization and performance that is much higher than other types of technology such as projectors.
  • Bringing the parishioners closer: through this technology they manage to bring the members of the community closer, especially the younger generations.
  • Energize your sermons: because they enable more dynamic and attractive experiences for all the faithful.

Modernize your digital structure

Among other things, LED screens allow:

  • Perform live shows
  • Broadcast live events
  • Broadcast news and events online
  • Provide Services via streaming
  • Decorate the altar and interior spaces

All this helps congregations have a greater sense of belonging, and to include parishioners who have visual or mobility difficulties. It also enables foreign people to understand the messages. They do this through their various applications and utilities, as well as specific software for houses of worship.

At present, there are already several small churches that have decided to invest in the modernization of their communications. Among them, we find as an example:

  • Calavay chapel
  • Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • Life Church
  • New Life Fellowship
  • Elevation Church

Which LED displays are appropriate for this type of congregation?

LED displays are affordable for small religious communities, due to their cost and financing plans available at Led Market. In this way they can quickly modernize their temples, creating lively and enjoyable environments.

Among other advantages is that they can be completely customized and adapted to the spaces, as needed they can be expanded or disassembled and relocated to other venues, for example.

There are several models, among which you can choose.

In principle, there are the indoor LED panels, with features such as:

  • Low consumption: consume between 40 and 50% less energy than projectors
  • Better visibility, resolution and color
  • Longer duration: they have a useful life of two to three times longer than that of projectors.

On the other hand, the outdoor LED screens that, in addition to the advantages mentioned, are:

  • Weather resistant, temperature changes, strong winds and rain
  • Ideal for outdoor events, fairs, ceremonies.
  • Easy to move, assemble and disassemble

Also, each of the models has different types of supports:

  • Floor, indoor and all screen sizes
  • Crank, both for indoor and outdoor
  • For lifting beams, also for interior and exterior

It is important to note that there are different models of LED panels for houses of worship:

  • P3.91MM
  • P2.97MM
  • P5MM de 9.5×6.3
  • P5MM de 15.7×9.5
  • P3.91MM de 8.2×5
  • P3.91MM de 19.7×9.8

Find out more about the benefits of updating your house of worship

From LED Market we take care of always offering the best quality of the equipment and the personalized service that includes a permanent follow-up to each of our clients. For this reason, we are the ideal company to carry out your LED walls for church modernization and updating projects.

We have a team of experts that will accompany you from your first contact on our website or any of our communication channels, throughout the entire process, up to the after-sales service.

In addition to these benefits, we offer customers financing and warranty plans on all of our products. We also provide support so that they can make use of the screens, purchased or rented, and make the most of all their benefits.

We have the best LED panels on the market and we provide advice so that you can take advantage of each and every one of its utilities. In this way, you will be able to generously give your congregation the best experience before, during and after each service.

We invite you to get to know us, to find out more about the proposals with which we will surprise you.

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