We are a LED screen Company, which specializes in sales and rentals as well as setup and production of all kinds of audiovisual events from corporate to sports, fashion shows, concerts, conventions, and business presentations.

At Ledmarket, we understand that your project is unique and we work to make it a success. You will be able to reach the audience in an exceptional way, through a modern communication model, based on LED technology, which has proven to be the most effective, striking and attractive. 

We have the most innovative equipment on the market and a great experience in the industry. At Led Market, we work directly with Mirackle©️ brand manufacturers to bring the lowest prices on the market. We are endorsed by the professionalism in the execution of our work.

We deal with the setup and management of any audiovisual project that includes LED walls. We have a large stock, made up of different models, both for indoor and outdoor use. 

We keep up with the latest news and market trends, working directly with our clients satisfying their needs and visions

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