LED Wall for Shopping Plaza

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A LED Wall for Shopping Plaza is the best advertising technology that seeks to impact the public. At Led Market, we are experts in advising malls that wish to renew their LED panels to achieve superior quality:

  • 4K Turn Key LED Solutio4K Turn Key LED Solution
  • Highly versatile and reliable LED walls.
  • P3.91, P5 outdoor pixel pitch.
  • P1.99, P2.97, P2.6,P3.91, P5 pixel pitch.

Creating interesting, dynamic, and interactive advertising is the best way to innovate in these types of ventures or businesses.
Let’s see how an LED Panel can make a difference:

  • Presenting the brands that are part of the Mall on an LED screen allows you to get the most out of your advertising campaigns.
  • The products of the most recognized brands look much better on a screen with 4K images and videos.
  • With a LED panel you have the advantage of significant energy savings. Up to 80% energy savings.
  • A Big LED Screen is very eye-catching not only for customers who are in the store but from the outside it attracts attention and invites them to enter and visit the showrooms and stands of the most important brands.
  • The offers, promotions, and discounts of a shopping plaza are more striking if they are advertised from a Mirakle® M5 LED display (P5mm for example), with a High-Resolution video panel.
  • The compatibility of Novastar processors facilitates the projection of videos in multiple formats.
  • The fashion industry, technology, services, and almost any product, need to project a brand image, so it is important to use the most striking resources.


Shopping malls need large-scale advertising solutions such as a Big LED screen. LED panels are very useful in the world of advertising because they are very versatile and encourage better brand awareness:

  • LED displays can turn an aisle into a platform to invite the public to get to know the most interesting brands. Our 13.1′ x 6.6′ P2.6mm LED video wall with uniform tile distribution in 4 units and it’s 2.6mm pixels generate visitors into advertisements.
  • Have you ever thought about why there are always many people around a column with LED displays? The quality of our Splicing Screens offers an immersive experience that appeals to all audiences.
  • LED screens are ideal for shopping malls with movie theaters. They can show trailers, interviews, previews, etc., of the movies on the billboard. A LED Big Screen is perfect for this use because our 16.4′ x 9.8′ P2.6mm LED screens offer high image quality from 6 feet away.
  • The audiovisual content is much more powerful and effective for advertising than paper, vinyl, or poster formats. In addition, the 4K resolution generates high-quality images.
  • Brands with millions of sales and users worldwide, such as Apple, bet on LED technology. In its Aventura Mall store, technology, innovation, and products are mixed in its LED screens with the best visual quality.

Outdoor Advertising &  Digital LED billboard 

When we think of the façade or the exterior of a shopping center, we only think of one more space, however, places can become focal points to generate new revenue with very effective advertising and short-term results.

  • Advertising with LED panels on the facade of a shopping mall is very profitable. Many people have access to advertisements. Our 22′ x 9.5′ P5mm LED video wall has a pixel density of 192 x 192 that generates crystal clear images, graphics, video, or text from 16 feet away.
  • LED panels for outdoor in a shopping mall can provide 24-hour advertising. With this level of exposure, the return on investment is easier than it sounds.
  • LED technology consumes up to 20 times less energy than traditional light bulbs. This is why LED Screen Outdoor Advertising has a more efficient lifespan and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Outdoor Stage Led Screens are customizable and resistant to dust, humidity, rain, etc.

Our packages

LED Wall company specialized in shopping center branding

From LED Market we believe that LED technology is the best advertising platform we have today. The image quality, sound, performance, and versatility can take the image of shopping malls and stores to another level.

  • We specialize in the production and assembly of audiovisual resources with superior-quality products.
  • We use LED technology to generate impact on customers and make a simple facade or a shopping mall corridor become the focal point.
  • Our equipment is manufactured by Mirakle, one of the most prestigious and reliable manufacturers in the market.
  • We have specialized technical services to make your digital LED billboard installation work.
  • All our equipment is guaranteed for 24 month.
  • Our financing plans are designed so that you can find a solution that fits your pocket and needs.
  • Our TrussNation system is designed to take our products to every corner, no matter where your mall or store is located, we will be there.
  • Our after-sales service will accompany you every step of the way and will answer any questions you may have about the use of our products.


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