What is the durability of LED screens?

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Although it depends on several factors, an ideal LED screen lasts between 50.000 and 100.000 hours, or around 11 continuous years of use. For this reason, we must take into consideration the operating conditions for that screen, the maintenance we provide, the environment in which it will be placed, and, of course, that it was constructed using high-quality components rather than generic ones. 

These screens’ useful lives depend on the panels that make them up, and those depend on the components that they use first. After that, environmental factors, usage patterns, and maintenance requirements will come into play, which will affect how long they might last.


Understanding the Lifespan of LED technology

As we mentioned earlier, the Led Panels that make up a Big LED Screen are its most crucial component because they provide the foundation for its durability. 

It is crucial to use high-quality components since this will ensure that each LED degrades more slowly than other generic components. Plaques and other electronic materials that make up the panels, as well as the external plastic covers that protect the components, follow the same rule: the higher the quality, the greater the durability. 

It is possible to find price differences for the same LED panel on the market, and this is undoubtedly due to the fact that its generic components are more affordable but less durable. 

Another thing that will increase the longevity of the screens is the maintenance and care we provide them. Regular cleanings help to maintain their good performance, as do the professional maintenance services provided by the businesses that sell them. 

The final component to take into account for durability is environmental impact. Whether we use these factors indoors or outside, the way they are impacted changes. Although the weather is the most important influence when it comes to interior conditions, the microclimate of the rooms, surfaces, or other areas where people congregate compromises them in a different way.

Impact of Environmental Factors on Durability

We can describe these factors in the following way:

  • The main component affecting its durability is temperature.

These panels already produce heat, so if we add external heat sources like the sun’s direct reflection off of them or other heat sources like nearby electric appliances or extremely hot environments, the performance will be affected, leading to a greater degradation of the components.

  • The pollution and the disaster could be a serious issue.

First of all, they dim our screens’ brightness as they accumulate, but what’s more worrisome is that they block the panels’ airflow, which would result in a situation similar to the one described in the previous point — an overheating.

  • The components that cause corrosion are directly impacted by humidity.

Environments near the ocean and saltwater accelerate this destructive degradation. Heated environments eventually affect our screens’ performance by causing our internal components to stutter or become irritated.

  • The continuous vibrations or movements

Avoid moving your screen frequently by installing it on a flat surface and leaving room for ventilation.

Unlike interior-use LED screens, exterior-use LED screens are built to withstand weather conditions, providing them with the proper level of durability.

Maintenance Practices 

Regular maintenance can ensure the long-term durability of your screen. But if we don’t do it properly, we can end up ruining the LED Panels that make up that display. To that end, we must exercise the following cautions:

  • Avoid touching the screens directly with your fingers; instead, always hold them by the edges or with soft gamuza cloth. 

The static that our bodies generate may result in led failure when we touch them.

    • Avoid using abrasive products to clean the screens
  • Utilize cleaning products made specifically for these kinds of televisions, and always use a cloth.

To prevent tension variations or fluctuations in the electrical network, use tension regulators.

Remember that the majority of businesses that sell these screens offer a professional maintenance service that aids in extending their lifespan.

Consult your doubts with us

As we have seen, good maintenance ensures a longer useful life for our screens. As such, our company, which has years of experience in the market, offers professional maintenance and individualized attention for all of the products we sell. We do this by providing various packages of screen armour for each project that needs to be carried out. At Led Market, we provide the following services:

  • Personalized attention to clear up any questions you might have about LED screens.
  • Finance options for any budget according to your needs.
  • A permanent stock that has a transfer and tracking system so that you can follow your package.
  • installation and support for the creation of audiovisual content.
  • 24 month warranty on all of their products.
  • maintenance, repair, or replacement of necessary components.


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