LED screens for Bible storytelling in a church

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God created us in his image and likeness, he also made us storytellers and chose to communicate with us through the holy scriptures.

Combining images that manage to transmit and capture various messages is the key to the art of telling visual stories.

The three most popular and effective options today are:

  1. Slideshows: They can be created with images related to the Bible story you want to tell.
  2. Short videos: With video editing programs you can combine images, music and text to achieve attention and sophistication.
  3. Featured Bible Verses: Get the main points emphasized

In this article we will discuss all the options, tools and knowledge you will need to acquire in order to captivate with visual appeal in each sermon.

Using presentation software to create slides.

Presentation tools are software applications that allow users to share knowledge. These presentations are delivered in a slideshow format using a combination of text, images, and other graphic elements. The most notable Softwares are: 

1. Microsoft PowerPoint: 

PowerPoint remains a favorite with many due to its familiarity, ease of use, and availability.

Most computer users know how to work it. The traditional sidebar interface is simple and familiar.

2. Apple Keynote

Keynote makes it easy to create impressive and memorable presentations, and it comes included with most Apple devices. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and center, so everyone on your team can easily add graphics, edit photos, and incorporate cinematic effects.

3. Google Slides

Its setup is very similar to PowerPoint and it’s free to use for anyone with a Google account. There is a commercial version called G Suite, which includes the same things with more storage and management capabilities.

4. Prezi

Prezi offers a great alternative to the traditional slide-by-slide presentation format. The creative idea behind Prezi is that you can create a non-sequential, animated flow, with topics and subtopics that are hidden until you zoom in. While Prezi’s interface can be a bit complicated to use, it’s a good option for people who need to add a creative touch to their presentations.

5. Canva

It is not just a presentation software, but also a complete editing program for all your visual needs. Creating presentations is just one of the possibilities. All elements are easy to find and mostly customizable. Presentations are viewed by scrolling; There is no master view and you can’t change something on all slides at once.

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Creation of short videos based on biblical stories

Short videos are, without a doubt, the excellent way to steal all the attention. By taking the following steps, you will be one step closer to standing out with your Bible story:

  • Selection: Consider stories with interesting and meaningful visual elements that are well suited to the LED screen.
  • Development: Think about how the visual script can be developed.
  • Storyboard: Draw or use reference images to visualize what each key moment in the story will look like.
  • Resources: Gather the visual resources you will need to create the video.
  • Software: Import these assets and the audio (if necessary) into a video editing software.

Note: You can use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or any other video editing tool of your choice. Arrange the assets based on the storyboard and start assembling the video.

  • Effects: Adding visual effects and transitions will give it a unique touch.
  • Settings: Adjusting the format and resolution is essential.
  • Test: Detect any quality issues, such as brightness, contrast, or colors, so that the video looks optimal on the LED video wall for churches.
  • Broadcast: Broadcasting the video on the LED screen will allow you to see the finished product.

Undoubtedly, to use the benefits of its LED technology to tell biblical stories, it is necessary to go to expert hands who have a track record in the market. That is why the ideal is to approach LED Market, because our experience is the best collaboration that we can offer you for your church.

If you can imagine it, if you want to transmit it, if you dream of seeing it, LED Market can make it happen.

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How to set them up to tell Bible stories. 

LED displays are increasing in popularity in temple settings due to their ability to engage congregations with dynamic content. There are different ways to make the most of them before, during and after services.

We will review some aspects:

  • Resolution: Choose a resolution that suits your needs and the distance from which the screen will be viewed.
  • Modern LED screens usually have high resolutions, such as FULL HD (1920X1089 pixels) or even 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixels).
  • Brightness: Make sure displays are bright enough to make content visible and readable to your audience.
  • The common unit of measurement for LED display brightness is the nit (cd/m²). A luminance of at least 1,000 nits is recommended for indoor applications and 3,000 nits or more for outdoor applications.
  • Size and aspect ratio: Choose the appropriate size based on the space available and the distance from which it will be viewed. Also consider the aspect ratio, which is the ratio between the width and height of the screens.

LED displays can have standard aspect ratios, such as 16:9 or 4:3, or even custom aspect ratios to suit your specific needs.

  • Refresh Rate: A refresh rate of at least 60 Hz is recommended.

Recall that the refresh rate refers to the number of times the LED screen displays a new image per second. A higher frequency provides a smoother transition between images and prevents noticeable flicker.

  • Color Settings: For accurate and vibrant reproduction of content. This includes white balance, saturation, and gamma correction.
  • Control system: You can use dedicated software or specific drivers provided by the screen manufacturer.

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