Big LED Screens Panels in custom shapes and sizes

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Big LED screens panels in custom shapes and sizes give you the option of customization to mount in any space, from sizes equal to the average person’s height, to twice your height, with a wide variety of width configurations.

Led Markets various packages will give you the freedom to choose a suitable LED screen for your event.

LED panel models for all needs

Ranging from 9.8ˋx6.6′ feet, up to 19.7ˋx9.8ˋ feet, indoor LED panels and outdoor LED display models,

  • P1.99mm,
  • P2.6mm,
  • P2.97mm,
  • P3.91mm,
  • P5mm

They offer the best image quality and compatibility with software and hardware so that you can carry out your project with an impact that will positively affect your brand, whether it is a personal or large-scale project.

Learn about the applications of customized LED screens

The applications that can be given to this technology are very varied, therefore, customized screens can be found in:

  • Churches so that the entire congregation can follow attentively every word of their host with a LED wall for churches.
  • Virtual productions, allowing to generate more real shots when interacting with the actors, among many applications.
  • Shopping malls, with hundreds of advertisements and invitations to buy in each of its stores.
  • Restaurants and bars, giving a touch of distinction to advertising and menu cards and presentation of the premises.
  • Supermarkets, advertising and promoting their products and discounts.
  • Sporting events, allowing the public to see every detail of the event, statistics and formations of their favorite teams, as well as the detailed replay of each play.
  • Airports and transport terminals, offering necessary information and publicity to passengers.
  • Live recitals and parties, accompanying the musicians, creating a unique show.
  • TV Studios providing live views or as support for notes.
  • Streaming/ e-sports with the development of the games and replays in real time.

led walls custom sizes and shapes

Why buy a customizable LED wall?

The versatility of its modular configuration means that LED Walls adjust to any type of size and shape, giving each client a unique customization.

With a height mount, a wall or floor mount, you can have a taller, narrower, X-shaped, cross-shaped, etc.

You can easily place them on your stand, inside your business, in front of your premises, even outdoors.

The most affordable option for your LED panel

At Led Market we are at your disposal to provide you with a complete advisory service for the development of your projects. We offer the best in LED equipment and we work only with high quality technology, so you can customize your screen, in the size and shape you want.

led panels custom sizes and shapes

We accompany you throughout the acquisition process, answering each and every one of your questions so that you obtain the equipment or equipment you need according to your projects. We also offer you the following services:

  • We have the best facilities in payment plans so that you can buy with peace of mind and without worries.
  • Our delivery services are fast and efficient, ensuring that the products arrive in a timely manner, and you can monitor them with your tracking number.
  • We offer a complete installation service for the product, and advice on the use of the software for the development of all your audiovisual content.
  • We have a maintenance, repair or replacement service for each LED panel if it becomes necessary.
  • Your product is insured with a warranty of up to 24 month


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