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It is a known fact that Big LED walls have come to revolutionize the world of technology and audiovisual communication. Currently, they are used for many different purposes. For example LED screen panels in Texas we can find for:

  • Advertising: they are used to display ads in public spaces, such as on the sides of buildings or billboards.
  • Events: in all kinds of musical and sporting events, festivals such as South by Southwest, Texas Book Festival, and The State Fair of Texas. For these kind of events, LED wall for outdoor is a must. They display contextual information and sponsor announcements, among other content that can be updated on the fly. 
  • Traffic control: certain cities in Texas use LED panels to inform about the traffic situation, construction updates, and alternative routes.
  • General information: weather updates or emergency alerts in public spaces such as plazas and walkways. 
  • Digital signage: general information such as directions, maps, and landmarks placed in public spaces. Examples include: 
    • Houston: The city has installed digital kiosks downtown to provide information to visitors and residents, such as directions, event listings, and emergency alerts.
    • Austin: Digital billboards can be found here in high-traffic areas, such as the freeway, displaying information about local events, municipal services, and public safety announcements.

Why are LED walls a need in Texas?

Why are LED wall lights the most chosen in Texas? Definitely, they offer many advantages among which we can mention:

  • Energy efficiency: LED walls are highly appreciated for the energy efficiency they offer compared to other types of lighting. This is very required in this state where temperatures are usually high and the energy demand in summer is very large. In addition, the cost of electricity there is higher than the national average, so LED technology is highly valued.
  • Economy: using LED panels means long-term energy cost savings. This can be a significant advantage for businesses and organizations that use a lot of lighting.
  • Durability: LED walls have great durability and long service life. In states like Texas, where extreme weather events are common, this is a plus, especially for indoor LED displays.
  • Environmental impact: using LED walls means less environmental impact, as they do not contain mercury or other harmful substances. As they are more durable, they generate less electronic waste. 

led screens in Texas


Demanding Markets in Texas Counties

Within the state of Texas, there are major cities, and industrial and commercial poles that demand solutions in audiovisual technology, such as LED walls and panels. Its wide diversity is manifested in cities and counties, such as:

  • Houston: the largest city in the state and the fourth largest in the U.S. With a diversified economy that includes energy, health, cultural, and aerospace sectors.
  • San Antonio: the second largest city in an area with a rich cultural history, represented by the Alamo and Missions National Historical Park and several military bases.
  • Dallas: the third largest city in Texas, financial and business center. It has professional sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Austin: capital of Texas, well known for its technology industry and for being the headquarters of the University of Texas.
  • Other important cities in the state are Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, and Corpus Christi.

Your organization may stay competitive by installing an LED screen.

These are just a few of the many possible uses for LED screens:

Churches in Texas already using LED walls for churches:

  • First Baptist Church of Houston: this is a large Baptist church emblematic of its diverse membership and strong community support.
  • Cornerstone Church: a non-denominational church in San Antonio known for the dynamism of its religious services and a special emphasis on evangelism and spreading the word.

Big LED screens for airports

LED screens are used for a variety of purposes in Texas airports, including:

  • Flight information: they are used to display real-time flight information, departure and arrival times, gate assignments, or delays.
  • Advertising: display advertisements for retail stores or local attractions in the terminals.
  • Public information: weather, national, local, or international emergency alerts.
  • Signage: to indicate directions, display maps, and general information to help travelers orient themselves and move in and out of the airport.
  • Entertainment: provide entertainment such as movies or TV shows in the lounge and waiting areas. 

Some of the Texas airports that already have Big LED for the airport:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: between Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW is the largest airport in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. 
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport: Houston, is the second largest airport in Texas. 
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport: Austin, is a medium-sized airport with a wide variety of domestic and international destinations. 
  • San Antonio International Airport: in San Antonio, it is also medium-sized.

LED wall for train station

LED walls can be found in Houston, Austin, San Antonio Amtrak Stations, and Dallas Union Station giving it a similar use destination as the airports.

LED panels for restaurants

LED panels can be found in some restaurants such as:

  • The French Room: in the historic Adolphus Hotel in Dallas.
  • Franklin Barbecue: Austin, is famous worldwide for its delicious barbecue.
  • La Fisheria: in Houston, a popular seafood restaurant.
  • The Salt Lick: in Driftwood, known for its hearty portions of barbecue.

LED wall for shopping mall

  • The Galleria: is a large upscale shopping mall in Houston known for its high-end restaurants, ice skating rink, and hotel.
  • NorthPark Center: offers several art installations in Dallas and is popular with art lovers.
  • The Domain is a large outdoor mixed-use complex in Austin with a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. 
  • Stonebriar Center: has several entertainment options, including a movie theater and ice skating rink in Frisco.

In this type of commercial spaces, which have indoor and outdoor spaces, LED screens offer a wide variety of uses, from advertising of the brands that are concentrated there, to site plans, so that visitors can locate and find the stores of their choice.

led wall in Texas


LED panels for supermarkets

In Texas, you can find several large supermarkets such as H-E-B, Walmart, and Kroger. Others with similar characteristics are Albertsons and Tom Thumb. LED screens in these malls can be found on shelves, advertising product brands, in the fresh merchandise and refrigerator areas, in checkout lines, and offering specials and general store information, among many other uses.

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