How can an LED display be utilized for live streaming and online services?

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With the global expansion of internet services, new markets emerged around it, including online broadcasting platforms, however, also prompted local television channels to expand their content to different areas and countries. Along with this growing development has given rise to new technologies such as LED screens that were gaining ground with their predecessors, LCD screens, thanks to their advantages and benefits. So, how can an LED display be utilized for live streaming and online services?

  • In concerts, we can find them behind the band, showing the event to the audience.
  • In conferences and seminars, they will be the center of content development for the exhibitor.
  • Live broadcasts where we will be able to see other live content.
  • Digital signage to show diverse information and content.
  • For interaction with the public with messages, posts, and various social media content.

Benefits of using LED background screens for live broadcasting

As mentioned above, LED Displays can be used as central screens that reference the development of content in programs or events. Among the different options that can be displayed, there are those that are used to show parts of the event that is taking place or relevant information with the development of the program: 

  • In television programs or streaming programs, we will be able to see that they are used to show the different outdoor mobiles covering live events. They are also used to show different information or visual content that refers to the different notes that are being presented during the program.
  • In the case of concerts, we can see how the band is playing or we can see audiovisual content that accompanies the development of the songs so that the audience can appreciate it from anywhere in the event.
  • In conferences and seminars, they are used to display information and visual content to support the presentation that is being made on stage.
  • We will also find them in churches as support to display messages or passages, lyrics of songs, videos of experiences, or any visual content that is relevant to the ceremony.
  • Streaming programs use them to play videos of events they are commenting on, diverse material for their audience, or they are even used to show the development of social network content such as user messages, photos, etc.
  • We will see them in the background as a resource to show different products or advertisements while the event is taking place.
  • In the different entertainment programs, they are an important support to interact with the participants and the audience present in the different games that are developed in the transmission.


As we can see, the use of these Big LED Screens to support the content of events and programs is very diverse and very useful, because, beyond the technical advantages they may have compared to other technologies, their vivid image, brightness, and contrast attract the eyes of all viewers in a unique way.

Places to employ LED panels for live broadcasts

Taking into consideration its technical advantages and the visual appeal they develop, we will see that we can use this technology for various purposes in events and programs:

  • Forming part of the stage the LED Wall for Churches gives support to the different events and ceremonies that can be developed in Lakewood Church, Hillsong Church, North Point Community Church, Elevation Church, Willow Creek Community Church, Saddleback Church, Life Church, The Potter’s House, Bethel Church and Joyful Life Christian Church and other Churches.
  • The different concerts that take place in stadiums, parks, and areas allow a great magnitude of public congregation.
  • They are also present in different sporting events, in football, field hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, racing, etc. stadiums.
  • In conferences and academic events, congresses, or corporate events.
  • In shopping malls, fairs or commercial events promoting diverse advertising of products and services.
  • Outdoors in parades, festivals, municipal events, etc. such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • In the different television networks, in the different news or entertainment programs, and in streaming programs.


Choose the finest LED display provider for your live events

In the LED Display market, Led Market is a company that stands out for its services, the quality of the LED technology it sells, and mainly because it has years of experience providing solutions to all its customers. Among the services offered by this company we will find:

  • Personalized attention so that the client can consult all his doubts about the products and obtain the solution he is looking for.
  • Permanent stock of all the products marketed.
  • Financing plans that adjust to all types of budgets.
  • Distribution system, no matter where you are, with satellite tracking so you can follow your purchase in real-time.
  • Installation, maintenance, and replacement, if necessary, on all products.
  • After-sales software consulting service for the development of audiovisual content you need to reproduce.
  • 24-month warranty service on all products.
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