How to Use LED Walls to Create a Dynamic Church Children’s Ministry

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Families are one of the most important nuclei of any church. That is why today we will emphasize the relevance of children, the church, the ministry and biblical teachings. It is worth asking ourselves then how to use LED walls to create a dynamic church children’s Ministry.

When it comes to creating a space for children’s education, images are an invaluable resource. Children are often associated with certain behaviors or actions, which is why it is so important to create an illustrated, dynamic and entertaining world so that they too can grow in faith.

The use of technology is a very good way to bring the little ones closer to Biblical teachings. LED technology makes it possible to create that space in which they feel interested in the religious content they are watching. LED Screens for churches allow the creation of animations so that this population can participate in a religious ministry tailored to their needs. In addition,

  • They are a great tool to teach civic and religious values ​​such as justice, solidarity and fraternity.
  • Using audiovisual resources you can start a conversation about Christian values ​​and how to apply them in everyday life.
  • From a very young age, children have a great capacity for retention and memory. Projecting Bible verses will make these messages accompany them in their growth.
  • Social activities such as parties and games are a great opportunity to screen films, shorts and videos with Christian content.

Using LED screens to Engage the kids in Worship

Before starting with the recommendations and uses, it is important to note that activities with children should always be planned. That is, once a week or when the trainers consider it appropriate, it is necessary to make a plan on the activities, themes, biblical passages and other details that have to do with the Children’s Ministry.

  • An idea that is very popular is the use of LED screens for games and team dynamics. This helps strengthen community ties and fosters solidarity.
  • Blackboards can be replaced by these teams that offer the possibility of playing animated content for children.
  • Artistic activities such as plays, music recitals, and broadcast performances enable children to relate the teachings of the Bible to their daily activities.
  • The screens are also used to play songs with their lyrics. For younger children, songs are usually very useful because they can memorize them and sing them at home with their family or at school, a utility that can be obtained from a screen.
  • It is important to create different dynamics and not overload children with audiovisual content.


Creating a Safe and Accessible Space with LED Walls in Children’s Ministry

In all places where children are, it is important to keep the space safe. In the case of LED screens, they must be kept at a safe distance to avoid accidents that could cause injuries or blows.

LED screens have safety accessories that prevent them from falling, but the models that are not outdoor must be installed in places where they do not receive excessive sunlight to avoid overheating.

The space must be conditioned with soft eva rubber floors to avoid injuries or strong falls. It is also recommended that furniture such as tables and chairs have circular ends to avoid sharp corners.

Children with special needs or abilities are also a part of the community that often have strong artistic and manual skills. Using the screens as a platform for the dissemination of their work gives them a feeling of security and confidence around the congregation.

Communication between parents and guardians is essential. To keep parents involved, videos, talks and conferences can be projected so that they can participate and contribute ideas in the religious education of their children.

Incorporate the best LED technology to generate strong ties with your community

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