How to rent LED screens for stages?

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Audiovisual equipment rental is a very efficient way to create stages and focal points at any event. An LED Screen for the stage is able to keep the audience entertained and retain attention. So what we need to know is how to rent LED screens for stages.

  • Select a reputable company that specializes in renting LED screens for stage events. Look for a supplier with experience in installing LED screens for outdoor and indoor events and who can offer technical assistance throughout the event.
  • Depending on the characteristics of your event, the budget can vary greatly. Requesting a quote is one way to get an idea of the total cost. For this, it is necessary to provide the details of your event in order to have a more accurate final price.
  • More experienced companies are ideal if this is your first event. The commercial team will help you choose the right model and the most recommended uses in each case.
  • At the end of the negotiation, make sure that details such as delivery and set-up are handled by an expert team.
  • Prior to the event, provide the LED display rental company with your content and specifications so they can program and test the display. This will ensure that your content is displayed correctly and that any difficulties can be resolved prior to the event.
  • Arrange for the installation of the LED display and all necessary equipment, including rigging, power supply, and cabling. Prior to the event, check that the LED display has been calibrated and tested to confirm that it is working correctly.
  • Avoid any improper handling or accidents with the equipment in order to prevent equipment damage.
  • Check that the rental contract and invoice from the LED display rental company adequately account for all services and expenses.

Advantages that a rented big LED screen provides for my event

Oudoor LED video walls for stages work very well because they are large enough to be a main stage in their own right. With indoor displays for venues, the effect is even more immersive because the LED technology allows the light to generate an immersive effect, similar to virtual reality.

This technology also works very well as an informational and signage medium at large events where attendees are not familiar with the venue or the layout of the spaces created for the occasion.

Likewise, maintaining an interesting and attractive aesthetic is one of the keys to the success of any event. Big LED screens are a safe solution for any event such as concerts, exhibitions, private parties, etc. Thanks to the quality of the images, these types of equipment attract the attention of all attendees.


  • LED screens are very efficient. The 4K images, the white balance, and their intense and bright colors make the audiovisual contents have much better quality.
  • They are the best choice for outdoors because they can create excellent visual effects in low-light conditions. If the event is at night, this creates an immersive and impressive environment.
  • They are ideal for spaces with lots of light. One of the most common problems with LCD screens is that the margins do not have good quality when there is a lot of natural light nearby. The 5500 NITS LED display models maintain 4K images even in bright conditions.

How to rent the most suitable equipment for me

When it comes to LED displays, you can find a wide variety of options available. However, finding the perfect equipment for your event is not as difficult as it seems. The type of event, the characteristics of the space, the budget, etc, are some of the most important points.

  • Think about your budget. When it comes to events, there is a wide variety of offerings. In the case of projection systems with LED screens, there is also a wide range of prices, depending on their size and other characteristics that will be determined based on the type of event for which you require it. 
  • Technical characteristics of the screen. Discuss with the LED screen rental provider the specifics of your event, including the size of the stage, the type of material to be displayed, the location of the event, and its duration. The rental company can propose a suitable LED display and provide an estimate of its cost.
  • Event conditions. Although they may look like the same screens, outdoor panels are resistant to dust, humidity, and other inclement weather. Indoor screens, on the other hand, have a smaller pixel pitch and cannot be used outdoors. This is a key point when choosing the right equipment.
  • Location of the LED screen. Calculate the required size of the LED screen based on the dimensions of the stage and the distance between the stage and the audience. Evaluate the resolution and aspect ratio of the screen to ensure that your material is displayed effectively.


The best place to rent a LED display for your event

Led Market is the leading company in the rental of LED screens and their accessories. Our clients prefer us because we accompany their events from start to finish:

  • You don’t have to worry about the transportation of the equipment because we take care of it, as well as its handling without any additional cost.
  • The installation and configuration of the equipment are customized according to the characteristics of each event.
  • Our equipment is configured for autonomous operation. However, you can count on one of our technicians to operate the equipment at the event.
  • We provide a telephone line to offer technical service.
  • The dismantling and return transport of the equipment is in charge of our team when the event is over.
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