How to display Bible verses and song lyrics on LED screens

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In churches, it is always vital to have visual support during worship to make it easier for people to receive the message or feel more comfortable.

An LED video wall during a religious service can create a friendly atmosphere. It is a more accessible resource than you might think, even if you are unfamiliar with the technology.

However, you should be more thoroughly familiar with using this type of device. Therefore, we will soon discuss how to display Bible verses and song lyrics on an LED screen.

The best way to display Bible verses and song lyrics is to rely on church presentation software. They’re very simple to use and usually come with their own tutorial.

Step by step in the use of propresenter 

For example, Propresenter is a software used as a cross-platform for Windows and Mac that allows you to show high-quality media presentations and live lyrics. This makes an easy production package. 

Let’s see in 4 easy steps how to use this software to display scripture on video:

Step 1: Import Bible Text

  • Launch ProPresenter and open a new document.
  • Go to the “Bibles” tab in the toolbar and click on the “+” button to add a new Bible.
  • Choose the translation option you prefer and import it.

Step 2: Create a Slide

  • Select the “Slides” tab and create a new slide by pushing the “+” tool.
  • Choose the slide type that suits your needs (e.g., text, lyrics).
  • In the slide editor, click on the “Content” box and click the Bible option.
  • Take the Bible translation you imported in Step 1.
  • Type the desired reference or keywords to search for specific verses.
  • ProPresenter will display a list of matching Bible verses. Choose the appropriate verse(s) and click “Add to Slide.”

Step 3: Customize Slide Appearance

  • Once the Bible verse(s) is added to the slide, you can customize its appearance.
  • Use the formatting options in the slide editor to change the font, size, color, and alignment of the text.
  • You can also add background images, videos, or other visual elements to enhance the design.

Step 4: Presenting the Slide

  • To present the slide, connect your computer to the LED display.
  • Click on the “Output” tab in the toolbar and select the display screen where you want to show the slide.
  • Click the Play button to start the presentation.
  • You can navigate through the slides using the arrow keys or by clicking on the slide thumbnails.

List of software to play biblical content on churches

Here is a list of the best ones at the moment, besides ProPresenter.: 

  • Playlister: The fastest and most efficient way to make presentations.
  • FreeWorship: Ideal for smaller churches.
  • VideoPsalm: Keeps the quality of images and videos at the highest level.
  • ProLP: One of the best presentation software. It works on Linux and FreeBSD.
  • Faithlife: Explicitly made for churches, tailored to their needs.

These are the ones we recommend for those who are just starting.

You can find free, open-source software, paid alternatives, special software for LED screens, etc.

Content you can display during the worship services

In addition, LED displays for churches not only make it possible to transmit verses or lyrics. Nowadays, the alternatives they offer are numerous. Among others, we can mention:

  • Slides: they can be designed to make presentations and transmit additional information, such as announcements of events, prayers, and community activities.
  • Videos: they can be used for music videos, educational videos, motivational videos, testimonials, etc.
  • Images: LED screens for sanctuaries can also transmit static photos to accompany the room’s decorations.
  • Live broadcasting: through new technology, events or services can be broadcasted live through channels on different platforms.

The possibilities are numerous. In addition, different types of screens are available for services.

Types of LED panels

You will find indoor and outdoor screen models. The main difference between them, although the performance is similar, is that the outdoor screens are made with components that make them resistant to temperature changes and weather conditions of the environment. 

One positive aspect is that they can be used outside spaces without any inconvenience. On the other hand, they are lightweight, easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. 

In LED Market, you will find the following screen models for you to choose the most suitable for your needs: 

  • P1.9MM
  • P2.6MM
  • P2.97MM
  • P3.91MM
  • P5MM

In addition, we offer different types of floor support for interiors, cranks for interiors and exteriors, and lifting using beams for interiors and exteriors, among others.

Show all types of material

LED technology inside churches has become one of the most valuable tools for every worship service because each one is a concert-like experience, so approaching that format improves its quality.

During a concert, LED walls give visual support to the artist. In churches, they help with:

  • Transmission of Bible verses and song lyrics through an LED wall for churches.
  • Transmission of video content with multimedia servers such as GrandMA2 or Watchout.

Visual aids are a way to facilitate certain people, such as parishioners, who have difficulty reading, are visually impaired, it’s difficult for them to move around or just like to follow along the service through screens.

These are powerful communicational tools to attract community members and bring them much closer to the word of God

Invest in LED screens and services for your church

At LED Market, we accompany each of our customers throughout purchasing LED walls for churches

This way, you can significantly improve religious services through an investment that will be recovered quickly.

We have the best quality LED technology, experience, and knowledge to help you get the best performance from your LED display

We offer permanent personalized advice from the first contact to the after-sales service. You can contact us through several communication channels: telephone, website, or email. In addition, you can visit us in our physical store, where we will provide you with the best advice for purchasing or renting LED screens

We also provide advice so that customers can configure and use our products correctly without any inconvenience, according to the needs of their projects and their congregation. 

We also offer the following:

  • Financing plans
  • Installation services
  • Technical support
  • Up to 24 month warranty on products
  • Distribution throughout the U.S.
  • After-sales service


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