10 reasons why movie makers need LED screens

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An important part of our lives is already virtual. That is, we study, work, and socialize virtually, and one of the industries that have benefited the most from the virtual revolution is cinema.

The audiovisual industry and images have always been important, but thanks to LED panels, productions have managed to go a step further in the creation of fantastic worlds and scenarios. That is why today we will talk about the 10 reasons why movie makers need LED screens.

1. LED walls create a sense of immersion for the audience 

LED walls are increasingly used in recording studios. Because they can be set up with the camera, the background image and physical elements are composed in such a way that everything looks very natural and realistic.

  • The same is true for actors who can play scenes on top of real images. This results in more immersion for them and much better quality scenes.
  • Shooting scenes are of higher quality with an LED screen because the settings are much easier to achieve. In addition, outdoor filming can be done indoors with high quality.

This technology is the evolution of green screens in cinematography because the montage between physical and digital elements is sharper.

2. Big LED screens are used to simulate different environments or time periods  

The use of LED screens on film sets cannot be underestimated. Its technical and operational capability is a great advantage in many different aspects of filming. 

For example, it is no longer necessary to use a large number of props and personnel to shoot a scene. In addition, location shooting is reduced, and with it the cost and effort of moving the entire crew to a different location.

This is not only for fantasy scenes but also for historical, period, or difficult-to-access settings. Many times filming takes place in public places such as hospitals, airports, or trains, where it is very difficult to film. Even war or futuristic locations can be very versatile.

Often it is also necessary to integrate virtual images on real backgrounds with holograms. For some recordings, it is essential to have very bright days. For this reason, many are often done in countries like Australia where the days are longer. An LED screen is able to illuminate the recording set with a light equal to natural light.

3. LED panels provide high-resolution and bright displays 

Unlike LCD technology, LED panels use brighter light-emitting diodes than fluorescent bulbs. They also offer more stable and regular light intensity, making it easier to create unique lighting effects on film.

  • Even when LED walls are not used as backdrops, they can be used as lighting panels. This reduces the cost of lighting equipment and helps filmmakers and technical crews get the most out of them.
  • Importantly, they are more economical and environmentally friendly than other types of technology, as they consume up to 80% less than traditional lights.

Traditional light bulbs in recording studios also tend to create temperature mismatches. These bulbs are composed of 85% of their energy in heat and only 15% in light, so they raise the temperature of enclosed spaces, causing air conditioners to consume more energy.


4. LED technology may be utilized as an alternative to green screens.

Green screens work very well for integrating virtual and physical elements, but virtual productions work best with an LED screen. Pre-designed or live images can be used during filming. 

  • They are used to add dimension and width to sets and to recreate natural spaces. This helps greatly to optimize recording times. They are also very useful for use as furniture within a recording and as a backdrop for concerts, sporting events, or information displays.
  • LED screens were a great solution when some film productions could not recreate the scenery on outdoor locations and film sets. However, chroma key images are not perfect, so the integration between the actors and physical elements with the images in post-production required a lot of work.
  • Thanks to tracking software, cameras, and LED screens create virtual effects with real-time scenes. Instead of going to a specific location and having actors shoot on large chroma key screens, they shoot on animated LED backdrops that respond to camera movements. 

This is a breakthrough in the quality of the performance because the actors work on dynamic backgrounds that reproduce the same images that the audience will see in the cinema. This allows the whole team to better understand the environment and the product photography to work in real-time without waiting for post-production integration work.

5. They are capable of projecting virtual sets and backdrops.

One of the major advantages of building virtual sets and backdrops with LED displays is that their settings can be adjusted very easily. This means that the content displayed is updated very quickly.

  • Real-time image compositing is very useful when it is necessary to record sequences where the set is very dynamic. One of the biggest advantages of LED technology over chroma-keyed backgrounds is that they can be used to project images on an irregular background.
  • Thanks to motion software, LED walls offer very high refresh rate sequences so that you can make recordings where the environment changes and moves along with the actor. These scenes could only be created in post-production because a large number of small clips were edited to compose a scene.
  • When shooting on the location they are also used as a set. For this, parameters such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation are adjusted so that the virtual elements match the lighting values of the real environment.

6. Visual effects are increasingly used to create totally immersive virtual productions

Series like Game of Thrones has been able to create a great visual effect on viewers thanks to the quality of their animations. Fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings require large productions using virtual sets.

  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences are the most attractive that the entertainment industry has for users. Creating them requires the use of high-quality equipment that generates realistic, fantastic effects and a great immersive experience.
  • Although the makeup industry in the film is very advanced, the screens offer the possibility of generating effects of animations that collaborate in the creation of more fantastic personifications in the actors.
  • Camera tracking effects with LED screens are very useful for tracking an actor’s movements and applying them to digital characters.

7. Wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED screens for settings

As mentioned above, LED screens work very well for virtual productions and for indoor and outdoor filming. When you start your filming project, there are several indoor panels and outdoor screen models available:

  • P1.9MM. This model consumes only 150W, has a viewing range of 5 feet, and an image refresh rate of 3840 Hz.
  • P2.9MM. Its image refresh rate is 3840 Hz, its maximum power consumption is 100W and the viewing distance is 6 feet.
  • P3.9MM. This model has 4K image quality, its refresh rate is 3840 Hz, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor power consumption is 120W and outdoor power consumption is 260W.
  • If you want the best for indoor and outdoor recording, the P5 MM is a great display with a 16-foot viewing angle and a 3840 Hz refresh rate. Its performance is incredible and the best part is that it only consumes 500W maximum for outdoor use.

8. LED walls can be seen from many different angles

The great advantage of LED panels over LCD screens and other types of projection systems is that their viewing angle is wider. If the viewing angle is very short, it means that only people who are in front of the screen can see the content, while those who are diagonal to the screen see very distorted images.

This is very useful for projecting screens in large public spaces but is critical when recording scenes. In most recordings, several cameras are positioned at different angles, and because LED screens have a wide viewing angle, cameras do not have to be repositioned to obtain realistic images.


9. Lightweight and easy-to-install products

LED screens are very easy to install because it is an assembly of several screens that create an LED wall. This has many advantages such as ease of replacement because only the missing part needs to be replaced without having to replace the entire panel.

Installation is much easier than everyone thinks. Even with basic tools they can be installed quickly. The assembly and mounting system also helps to make this process easy.

  • Ground supports are ideal for screens on a fixed stage.
  • Crank stands best for outdoor installations.
  • Truss Lifting Systems: this is recommended for use in irregular spaces such as gardens or open fields.

10. Highly customizable LED screens for every project

Big LED screens are ideal for film shoots because they can be customized according to the space of the film set or outdoor locations. Being a panel composed of smaller screens, it can be adjusted to the needs of each scene and each production.

Thanks to the quality of its images, closer shots can be recorded without image distortion. They can also be adapted to different virtual production software and not invest more money in new equipment or configurations.

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