How LED Panels Enhance the Customer Experience at Hotels and Resorts

In the hotel industry, ensuring an outstanding guest experience is paramount. The ability to innovate and present cutting-edge technology and amenities often becomes a major factor for frequent travelers when choosing accommodations.This is where LED screen panels play a fundamental role and could completely change customers’ perception of the hotel.

Strategically placing these video walls can significantly enhance the uptake of additional services offered by the hotel. A study by Samsung Electronics found that LED screens increased guest satisfaction by 15% and spiked food and beverage sales by 24%. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Impact of LED Displays on the Market

LED display panels are adaptable to various settings, allowing establishments to customize them according to their specific needs, ideas, and projects. Imagine the range of presentations these displays could offer in the hotel industry: from showcasing tourist information and meal schedules to presenting exclusive client packages.

The first impression at a hotel matters, and LED screens make a visual impact the moment guests lay eyes on them. Hotels that incorporated these displays experienced positive outcomes: apart from easy content organization and operation, they noticed an increase in interaction, drawing in potential guests through digital advertising.

Inside a hotel, LED walls serve multiple purposes that, as proven in the market, elevate revenue and enhance user experience. For instance, they can guide guests through hallways to rooms or display essential information in food areas like menus, operating hours, or reservation details.

While the advantages of LED walls in hotels are substantial, installing them correctly is crucial to maximize their potential impact on guests and market strategies.

Applications of Indoor
LED Video Walls in Resorts

Now, if the installations are indoors, which is most common, any of the previously mentioned methods may be feasible, but generally the wall mounted procedure is used more. The display panels will be attached to the wall, which gives the client the possibility of giving it the shape they want and having a more aesthetic appearance. Although more complex to relocate, this installation is recommended for strategic placements within the premises.

Key Features You Need to Know

As we already saw, LED video walls can be great allies when it comes to generating an impact on guests. But there are many more benefits to highlight that you may have not known about:

    • IP65 certificate: all LEDMarket panels come with this certification that ensures the correct functioning of the screens in any external situation, as they are resistant to water, fire, air, dust, humidity, and extreme weather conditions.

    • Performance and quality: Whatever panel you choose to install, they are all manufactured to the same level of performance: LEDMarket displays have a very high refresh rate (3940 Hz). In addition, the display quality of the images is up to 4k, which means a high level of sharpness from any angle.

    • Energy-efficient: another notable feature of LED screens is that, due to their technology, they consume very little energy even with prolonged use of them. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, they have a useful life of 100,000 hours of use.

    • NovaStar Guarantee: all display panels have the latest technology from NovaStar, the pioneer company in the LED market. For this reason, all screens will have advanced software that provides the best image quality. Likewise, this type of installation has the advantage of being able to be controlled without any other equipment or extra cables, so images and videos can be projected without any technical failure (such as a blackout) preventing its operation. This is key, for example, in emergency situations. Additionally, NovaStar equipment has a 2-year warranty.

Enhancing the Hotel Customer Experience with LED Displays

The multiple uses of LED walls in hotels are tempting for anyone, but now, how do I know which type of screen is best for each situation? Here we present a brief guide to help you decide:

Greeting and Retaining Visitors 

The first impression is important for guests coming to stay for a few days. For this reason, showing a video or images alluding to the hotel facilities or greetings for newcomers can be key. At the entrance door of the façade or in the reception area, panels with a pixel pitch of 3.91mm or 2.97mm can be installed, a perfect size for these areas and the proposed content.

Navigational Aids

Having signage everywhere is ideal so that guests can orient themselves without the need to ask. Above all, the use of panels for this purpose can be very useful in large hotels or hotels with many floors. For these cases, Outdoor and Indoor P2.97mm type panels are the ideal option.

Operative Communications

Just as the guest experience is important, so is the employee experience. By installing P3.91mm indoor panel type LED screens in the common spaces shared by workers will serve to simplify and optimize work. Through these panels you can show schedules, general notices or even congratulate an employee on their birthday.

Emergency/Important Announcements

With a P2.5mm indoor and outdoor type display panel, placed in strategic locations, general instructions can be given in case of an emergency, such as an evacuation. This will allow guests to see the important information and react accordingly. 

Branding Enhancement

In addition to serving as a very striking decoration, the P5mm outdoor type screens serve to display advertising from brands that are interested in working with the hotel facilities. These types of installations can be placed on the entrance doors or the largest walls of the most used common areas such as the lobby or dining room.

Digital Listings

Activity schedule, restaurant menus or pool and bar hours can be easily projected on an LED screen panel. For these situations, we recommend a P3.91mm outdoor and indoor screen, or P5mm.

LED walls significantly elevate hotel experiences, from enhancing consumption in specific areas to enabling effective communication among staff and attracting new customers through exterior advertising. These displays come in various types available at LEDMarket, a leading company transforming the hotel industry through cutting-edge technology.

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