How to Improve a Church’s Presentations and Shows

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Numerous technological aids can now be utilized extensively in churches to supplement preaching.

LED screens are a prominent example; they are an excellent tool due to the variety of audiovisual content they can display, and they are frequently put to good use in spicing up the routine ceremonies that occur every day.

This is why many houses of worship are opting to equip themselves with LED displays for churches.

Here are some of the many advantages it offers:

  • All of the interior space should be viewed visually.
  • All the believers are more closely linked and involved in the rituals.
  • Superior to older technology in terms of image quality.
  • Improved light output even on cloudless days.

1- Why should LED panels be used instead of projectors?

Before, houses or worship would employ projectors to supplement sermons with visual aids. On the other hand, LED technology has a number of benefits over them.

  • Rather than relying on external light sources like projectors, the LED wall panels can provide their own illumination. This makes the pictures look a lot more real and crisp.
  • There needed to be room for the projectors to be set up and for the screens to be displayed.
  • Church wall displays last for a long time and require nothing in the way of upkeep. In addition, they are cost-effective because they do not require a huge deal of energy to operate despite the high quality of the image they project.
  • Conversely, projectors typically degrade in image quality with time. After one year of use, their luminosity can drop by as much as 30 percent.
  • Black and other highly saturated colors don’t display accurately on projectors due to their low contrast.
  • To properly emit the images, the projectors require absolutely transparent settings.
  • Setting up LED wall panels for sanctuary services is far simpler than setting up projectors. In addition, they power up a lot quicker.
  • Unlike the images produced by projectors, the LED screen used in houses of worship is clearly legible even in direct sunlight.
  • The price of an LED wall is much lower, and so is the cost of maintenance, because their individual bulbs are cheap and easy to replace.
  • Projector repairs are difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Big LED wall for church

2- Improve the ceremonies of your congregation with LED technology

Ceremonies are transcendent moments in which each one of us wants to be present.

Therefore, when we go to church, we prefer to be very close so as not to miss any detail. However, when there are many people, sometimes this becomes complicated.

In these situations, LED wall panels are ideal. By transmitting quality images at each ceremony, family and friends can see them without missing any detail. 

  • Weddings: through the transmitted images, friends and relatives can feel close to the bride and groom in that unforgettable moment. 
  • Baptisms: family members who are in other places and cannot attend in person can follow the live transmission of such a memorable ceremony thanks to LED technology that provides this and many other benefits.
  • Special events: with the closed captioning feature, parishioners, and participants will not miss any part of the sermon or other important information.

In addition, this technology offers many other possibilities. For example, the inclusion of people with visual or hearing impairments. Also, for those with reduced mobility. All of them will be able to access the content transmitted from wherever they are. 

On the other hand, the large LED screen for sanctuaries provides the extra benefit of transmitting the live performance of musical bands, which will accompany instrumentally and vocal chanting and reading of verses during religious services. 

3- Choose between multiple design possibilities 

Another of the great advantages of the church wall display is the possibility of creating with them different screen designs according to the ambiance that you want to give to the space. 

Thus, for example, we can design the following atmospheres:

  • Curtains: using simple curtains in combination with the lights emitted by the LEDs.
  • Places: the main screen is framed to transform it into a focal point for the audience.
  • Satellite screens: accompanying the main screen, secondary screens can be installed on both sides and in other spaces to distribute specific content or reproduce the content of the main screen, even used as light decoration, using special backgrounds designed for this purpose.
  • Hanging cross: using strings of lights hanging from beams, a large cross is placed in the middle and screens transmit the ceremony on the sides. 

These are just some of the possibilities, among many others that can be implemented to create different atmospheres and scenographies according to the moment or type of celebration to be carried out. 

4- Advantages of using LED walls

As we have been mentioning, the use of LED walls represent numerous advantages when transmitting images.

First of all, we can highlight the possibility of updating the content as many times as desired, whether images, videos, texts, or sounds. This gives great versatility and dynamism to the church’s communication.

On the other hand, they are extremely easy to install, clean, and disassemble. In this way, the screen can be moved to other spaces both inside and outside the enclosure. In addition, they are highly resistant to different weather conditions.

Its economic maintenance is another point in its favor. Both in the replacement of its parts, to fix them and for the energy savings they represent, the LED panel is very efficient. 

Finally, we can not fail to highlight the 4K image quality, with the possibility of reducing the volume of brightness indoors, without losing its incredible sharpness. 

5- Keep people connected with emotions 

In recent times, it has been demonstrated that technology can help churches in multiple ways, perhaps unthinkable some time ago. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Constant connection with parishioners.
  • Digital means of contact in life situations that require greater accompaniment. 
  • Closeness with the pastor through images and sounds.
  • The loyalty of the community and deepening of the sense of belonging with the communicational support of LED screens.
  • Emphasis on sermons to generate reflection and facilitate the understanding of the pastor’s words. 
  • Effectiveness of the messages so as not to lose any detail in the services. 

6- Use products for indoor and outdoor events

LED walls lights are ideal because they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Christmas celebrations: these are usually very crowded gatherings. Therefore, holding the service outdoors and mounting the LED screens outdoors can be an excellent idea. The image and sound quality are excellent tools to follow the speech without losing detail.

Community events: the church is the center of the congregation of the communities and that is why different events can be held there. Such celebrations usually require sufficient space, so they are usually held outside the enclosure. It is in those moments when LED technology provides its best tools, both in terms of image (brightness, contrast, sharpness) and sound. Undoubtedly, ceremonies and celebrations thus acquire a greater attraction, gathering many more followers.  

Some of the models for both indoor and outdoor use are: 

  • P3.91 8.2×5 (offer)
  • P3.91 of 19.7×9.8 (recommended)
  • P5 of 9.5×6.3 (offer)
  • P5 of 15.7×9.5 (recommended)

LED wall for churches

7- Take the best cost-benefit relation for you

Another major benefit of LED technology is its rapid payback. There are several reasons for this:

  • Energy savings
  • Low repair and spare parts costs
  • Durability
  • Financing
  • Variety of models
  • Easy maintenance

All this leads to the decision to make an initial investment with quick returns. Among the main ones are the satisfaction of the public and the wide possibilities of the use of LED wall panels for houses of worship. 

8- Use artistic works from members of your congregation

An excellent alternative to bringing creativity and dynamism to your sermons is to include audiovisual material, images, music, and all kinds of artistic resources. 

It is a good idea to invite artists from the community to contribute their art to religious ceremonies. An initiative that will undoubtedly make them feel part of their community and to which more and more followers will surely join. 

Their artistic gifts will be a valuable contribution that will improve the collective construction of the church. 

9- Make announcements using a LED wall 

Another advantage of the LED screen is the possibility of transmitting messages to the community, related to the congregation, such as:

  • Advertising
  • Courses
  • Talks
  • Activities
  • Community events
  • Commercial contributions from the area.
  • Much more.

LED screen for sanctuaries

10- We offer the best technology for houses of worship

Our customers can communicate with LED Market through several channels: phone, chat, or e-mail.

For our part, the procedure for contracting a LED wall is as follows:

  • We talk to each client about their project, concerns, needs, etc. We ask key questions about the type of display that best fits their needs.
  • We ask key questions about the type of screen that best suits their requirements.
  • We provide personalized advice on the most beneficial option for price/pixel/pitch/size, both indoor and outdoor. 

Some of the key questions we ask are:

  1. We ask if you are going to use an indoor LED panel or an outdoor LED screen (Here we discard the opposite option, if it is indoor we already know that it can be P1.99, P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, or P5; if it is outdoor it can only be P5 or P3.91).
  2. What is the minimum distance the audience or spectator will be (We discard the options that do not apply. P5 for more than 16 feet, P3.91 for more than 8 feet, P2.97 for more than 6 feet and P1.99 for those who are more demanding and want something high resolution) As the last option we offer an intermediate between p1.99 or p2.97 which will be p2.6.
  3. What is the screen size you want (if you already know that would be all the screen info. missing the support) If you do not have that information, we ask questions 4 and 5 to determine the size. 
  4. What is the size of the stage in case it is going on a stage (we usually recommend 10 feet less than the stage size)?
  5. What is the size of the room or space where you need the screen (this determines the height and width)?
  6. What type of support do you need for the screen? It can be wall-mounted, ground-supported, or hung (either from the ceiling or from an aluminum truss system).

Once all this information is gathered, we send the quotation by mail consisting of the product catalog, an explanatory video, and a buyer’s guide.

If the quotation is accepted, the billing information is uploaded and the shipment is made free of charge throughout the US.

In order to track the shipment, a tracking number is given to the customer.

Our work does not end when the customer receives the product and installs it, because we provide after-sales support for the connection or any technical problem that requires our assistance.


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